It's actually one of the wonders of classical liberalism that tyranny in one place can be effectively fled. It's how God sorts and shifts people through diaspora, and how God de-funds tyrants.

Our national borders should be used for keeping governments in, and not for keeping people out. There really is no other workable biblical definition of political sovereignty.

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Greetings, Brian. I'm the baseball fan who introduced myself to you after CCL in SF.

I find it fascinating to hear people from other states talking about Californians moving there. As someone from a fifth generation California family, I can understand. For over 150 years, people from the other 49 states and foreign countries have moved to California, driving up the cost of everything far above the rest of the country. As David Bahnsen pointed out in your linked article, people with dreams of opportunity moved here and succeeded.

But we have also been flooded with everybody else's rejects. Beatniks, hippies, druggies, and devotees to every alternative lifestyle imaginable, including every wannabe movie star, rock star and who knows what else. The common admonition for Californians moving to other states is "don't bring your voting habits with you." But if I ever move, I'll be sure to do just that. If I choose Montana, I'm sure you will be fine with that, too. Giants vs Twins this October.

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This is both sad and infuriating at the same time. May our Lord Jesus Christ open the eyes of His people.

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