Sitemap - 2023 - The Square Inch

Year In Review 2023

The Third Day of Christmas

A Difficult Sort of Comfort

The Pope & Perspicuity

Random Rummage


It's Okay To Steal The Girl

Our Watches Are Just Fine


If Anything, The Jerk is Underrated

Thanksgiving 2023

Pilgrim In The Stocks

Soil For The Rootless

Nomad No More

Rehoboam's Frat-House

Electromagnetic Distortion

The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up

A Tinderbox

On Account of the Patriarchs

Follow the Flagship


Fool Me Twice...

Glorious Ruin

Not a Tragedy

Selling You Half A Story

Joy In Mudville

Friends of The ABC

The Kind With a Ladder

Twisted Ankle and A Fever


Politics as Hotel California

A River and A Garden

Baptized Bronze Age Pervert

Is This Thing Working?

Get Wisdom

Off-Grid Tiny House?

A Growing Menace

The Answer Is Also No

Rich Man South of Richmond

Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Slivers of Gold

Fossil Fuels and Smoked Brisket


Defunding The Error


Tom Robinson Had It Coming

Notes From The Road

Blessings By Proximity?

Essay Unlocked

Motivated Reasoning

No Enemies To The Right

Nervous About Their Man

Our Ancient Challenges

Who Forgot Their Cocaine?

An American Story

A Supreme Week

Had Me At Hello

Fighting On Two Flanks

Baseball Brimstone

Hooking Up

A New Era: Important Announcements

Snap Out of It

From My Cold, Dead Hands

Secret Knowledge

Father, Son, & Spirit

No One Is Immune

Tortoise v. Hare

Bishop in a Funny Hat

Ready To Rumble


Theology & Politics: An Autobiographical Note


Not Haunted By Waters

Jesus In My Place: Molly Worthen & The Resurrection

The Biden Family Business

Jenny Geddes Led Me Astray

Take A Friend

Fringe Won't Win

Jesus & Money

LARPing v. Reality

Ledger Sheet

A Little Red Book

Commitment in Kigali

Lies Are Expensive

Book Sale Piranhas

The Good Kind of Entertainment


Easter (Observed)

An Uncompromising Work of Art

Sixty-Three Bucks Ain't Enough

Heading Toward Destruction

Don't Fall For It

A Perfect Storm

11 O'Clock TikTok

Butter Knives

You Need More Than A Dictionary

My Church

Foreign Policy Venting

Get His Name Off Your Lips

A Problem Passage

A Vanity Campaign

Saving The Planet Is The Bonus

Last Days Madness

Forgot the Candl Stiks

Tucson Looks Good

Jerusalem & Athens

"Anti-Racist Hell"

This One is Winnable

The Tripods Are Coming!

Reading Critically

Year Zero

Always Ready

Is Van Til Still Relevant?

Man & Beasts

A Well-Disguised Self-Help Book

The End, For My Part

Rules For Thee

The Deep South

Fried Grouper

Health Hazard For Special Agents

The Philanthropist™

Compared To What?

Stubborn or Wise?

A Winter Tradition

Not A Hopeless Case

The Last Man on Earth

When Geneva & Rome (Nearly) Kissed