Sitemap - 2022 - The Square Inch

Year In Review 2022

The Twilight Zone

Two Christmas Contributions

Innocent Pleasures


The Word Became Flesh


Star of Wonder

Ebony & Economics

If You Don't Have a Bible...

Thou Art The Man!

Sordid Business

Some Light Reading For The Rails


Very Naïve and Very Wrong

Our Modern-Day Homer

New Book Available Now!

Hasn't Yet Been Tried

Florida Golfer Makes Announcement

A Children's Crusade

Straining Out The Gnats

A Status Quo Country

Heaven's Gate

U2 @ 46

My Little Seabiscuit

Invincible Grace

Autonomy As Literal Slavery

Tyrone, I'm Swamped!

The Little Revolutionaries

Humans, man

Buy A Fedora, Super Nerd

Resisting To The Bitter End

The World That Would Not Obey

Can Milton Friedman Get An Answer?

Beating Borgov

Climate Cure

An October Surprise

A Favorite Day of The Year

Illiberalism Is For (Cultural) Losers

Be More Like Bats

God & Government

Seized By A Temporary Insanity

Is Civil Religion a Bad Thing?

Can We Trust The Gospels?

Mark Me Down For Team Liberty

Dear Commissioner Manfred

A Civil Action

"Under Whose Ruling Hand"

The Begynnyng (And Ende) of Somer

What Belongs In Our Bible?

Body (Politic) Ablaze

The Summer Swoon

Every Single Word

Pantheism Isn't The Only Danger

Manifold Frustrations

Blown-Up Version of Marie Kondo

Paving Paradise

Painting the New Earth

Safe At Home

The Seat of Mockers

Nobler Things

Scottish Style

Reign of Terror

The "Tough Guy" Act

The Mystery of Us

Precedented Times

Bigoted Nonsense?

A High-Brow Achievement


I Briefly Mount A Hobby Horse

The Word Was God

Structural Integrity

"They Pour Forth Speech"

Can A Novel Be Too Good?

When The Future Dries Up


The Cutting Edge

The Magnificent Pig

Again, I Say: Rejoice!

A Book That Needs An Update

Call The Midwife

Beneath It All

Six Hundred Sixty-Six

Escape To Reality

If I Hadn't Been With Aslan

I Knew So Much More Then

The Jay-Hawk & The Human

No Fences

It's All in The Original Hebrew

About That Multicolored Bow...

Handy For More Than One Thing

Smitten With Our Own Feathers

Taking My Own (Political) Temperature

Hugging The Cactus

Wave-Mares & Bone Coffers

Assessing the Political Landscape

The Quarter Inch (5/18/22)

Off The Shelf

Grabbing A Brother By The Throat

The Quarter Inch

Important Announcement!

Stop Looking "Up There" For Spiritual Warfare

"Send Out The Dogs and Tally-Ho!"

Let's Retrieve Their Charity Along With Their Theology

A Deeper Magic

On The Education Monopoly

Don't Let the Woke Baptize The Kids

"A Tale, Told By An Idiot"

Nothing You Won't Believe

You Won't Be On Those Committees

History Doesn't Only Rhyme

War on the European Continent

Pigs In the Virtual World, Too

Peking Propaganda

The Feeling of Absolute Independence

A Pent-Up Political Volcano

You Are Your Own First (Cultural) Responder

Stick a Fork In It

Taking Captive Every (Political) Thought